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Acupuncture–ancient Oriental healing technique using needles to give balance to the energy meridians (chi) to allow the body to heal itself.
Small heated suction cups can be substituted for the needles.
Aromatherapy–various massage facial and body treatments using different essential oils to induce different therapeutic benefits.
Ayurveda–a healing system originating in India 5000 years ago, which focuses on the 5 elements of ether, air, water, fire and earth making up the
3 doshas of Vata, Pita and Kapha giving energy and balance and are the essence of harmony.
Balneotherapy–ancient Roman tradition of using the waters or bathing to improve circulation, detoxify the body and use as anti-stress treatment.
Bindi - Bodywork combining exfoliation, herbal treatment and light massage
Holistic Health–viewing the body as a hole with environmental, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs to create a balance.
Phytotherapy–healing the body using essential oils and herbs derived from plants in massage, wraps, baths, steam treatments or in the form of teas.
Thalassotherapy–from Greek meaning "cure by seawater." Traditional French consisting of four daily 30-minute treatments of seaweed or algae wraps, baths, hydrotherapy and grand jets prescribed by medical doctor to combat fatigue, stress and poor circulation. Daily session lasts 2 1/2 hours.


Aerobics– High-energy exercise to enhance the aerobic capacity of heart and lungs, burn the fat and stimulate the metabolism. Step Aerobics, Tae Bo, Kickbox, Dancercize, Spinning are different forms of aerobic exercise.
Aqua Gym–Exercise classes using the resistance of the water to support the body. Body Sculpt–Kinetic exercise using major muscle groups to sculpt the body.
Cardio Fitness–Cardiovascular equipment to exercise heart and lungs includes treadmill, rowing, stairmaster and Elliptical body machines, stationary & recum-bent cycles.
NIA–Neuro-muscular Integrative Action is a blend of eastern yoga and Tai Chi with Western dance and aerobic exercise give a free form non-impact aerobic type exercise.
Pilates–A floor exercise system by Joseph Pilates, mobilizing the trunk of the body to strengthen the limbs using specific aparatus tone and lengthen the muscles.
Spinning–Class of stationary cycling using mind and body to aerobically pump the heart while mentally going on a journey.
Step–Aerobic workout class to music using small platform to step on and off.


Removal of top layer of skin by scrubbing with a dry brush, loofah, granular gommage or peeling cream to cleanse skin and open pores as pre-treatment for various massages and body wraps.
Body Brushing–Dry brush to slough off or exfoliate dead skin cells used as pre-treatments.
Gommage–A cleansing cream applied to body with massage to exfoliate dead skin. Moisturizing cream then applied to soften skin.
Loofah Scrub–Body scrub with loofah to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate circulation.
Salt Scrub– Exfoliation of dead skin using coarse sea salts usually scented with essential oils for additional benefits.


Dead Sea Mud– Slimy black mud rich in minerals to help detoxify and remineralize the body .
Fango Mud– Italian gray mud taken from mineral rich areas, to detoxify and remineralize in conjunction with bathing. Best mud areas are Abano Terme, Montecatini and Ischia.
Rasul - Moroccan in origin - a communal mud-fest in a mosaic tiled steam room with a rainshower final rinse.


Soft Pack System/Dry Floatation–Sinking into a dry waterbed while wrapped in heated mud or herbal applications. The body is completely relaxed.
Seaweed Wrap–Algae wrap or seaweed mask applied to body with heat treatment to detoxify and add sea nutrients into body.
Panchakarma–Five Ayurvedic purifying treatments using, nutrition, warm oils and steams to rid the body of toxins and balance the doshas.


Basis of European "water cures" and spas bathing in water to cure ailments. Included are underwater jet massages, showers and mineral baths.
Laconium, Rock Sauna, Bio Sauna - gentle dry heat chambers to use prior to treatments. Warms the body and opens the pores to detoxify. Used in conjunction with cold ice packs or plunge pools.

Roman Bath–Traditional ritual bathing in a series of hot and cold pools to stimulate the system.
Salus Per Acqua– is health via water, the Latin origin of SPA.
Sauna / Steam / Hammam / Turkish Baths–Dry or wet heat used in conjunction with cold plunge pools to rid the toxins.
Scotch Hose / Swiss Shower/ Vichy Shower / Evian Shower–Warm affusion of seawater or mineral water sprayed gently while lying on a cushioned mat upon a table or standing in a shower. Often combined with exfoliation treatment and moisturizing massage.


Aesthetic Medicine-Using equipment such as lasers, dermabrasions and needles to remove scars, spots and broken capillaries to leave skin with a translucent elastic youthful look.
LPG Endermologie–A semi-suction roller to break down fatty tissue deposits, improve circulation and elasticity of the skin & cellulite.
Pressotherapy–Inflatable thigh length boots and abdominal wrap which inflate and deflate give gentle massage to aid with poor circulation or cellulite.


Abhyanga-massage utilizing two therapists simultaneously on upper and lower torso. Warm herbal oil relaxes the body and heightens the senses.
Acupressure–ancient Chinese massage stimulating pressure points to restore unrestricted flow of energy.
Aromatherapy–using warm essential oils of various scents for therapeutic benefits.
Balinese Massage-Using techniques of skin rolling, long kneading strokes, acupressure and foot massage to renew, strengthen and heat the body.
Chi Nei Tsang-Releasing negative tensions and emotions by circular strokes on navel and abdominal areas. Helps digestion, bloating and constipation.
Cranial Sacral Therapy–gentle unblocking head massage from skull to sacrum which allows energy to flow more freely.
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage-Zeroing in on specific muscle spasms with deep strokes to release tension.
Four Handed Massage–Nirvana in tandem with two massage therapists working on either side of the body.
Hot Stone Therapy-Smooth hot stones placed upon meridians, using smooth strokes to release tension. The warmth relaxes the muscles.
Indian Head Massage–Scalp and neck massage ideal for relieving tension.
Lomi- Lomi–Hawaiian healing, using broad strokes with rocking movement.
Lulur– Exfoliation using tumeric and yogurt paste follwed by a rose petal bath, completed with gentle moisturizing massage.
Lymphatic Drainage–Therapeutic massage using gentle pumping technique to drain pockets of water retention and toxins.
Polarity–massage with hands placed over the body’s energy meridians, stroking and light rocking to bring body into balance.
Reflexology–ancient Chinese technique using pressure point massage on feet hands and ears which correspond to various internal organs.
Reiki–Ancient hands on healing practice utilizing universal life energy and mind to open the chakras.
Rolfing–manipulation of muscles to realign body movement.
Shiatsu–Japanese pressure point massage unblocking the meridians.
Shirodhara-warm oil drips on third eye and forehead, then massaged over scalp and face.
Swedish Massage–traditional sweeping massage movements using oils to relax muscle knots.
Thai Massage-Interactive yoga-like massage on a floor-mat with stretching and rhythmic compressions of various pressure points and positions. Both therapist and client wear loose fitting clothing.
Trager Massage–gentle rhythmic motions to release tensions and realigns the body.
Watsu-Underwater massage blending techniques of deep tissue, acupressure, shiatsu where therapist brings you back to fetal positions.


Creating a healthier Life Style by learning how to stop and smell the roses and by using visualization techniques.
Labyrinth–Meditation while walking a man-made path of circular twists and turns.
Meditation–Using breathing techniques to focus on thought, sound or image for a period of time to help reduce stress and anxiety.
NLP–Neuro Linguistic Programming is developing communication skills, learning how to be aware in accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative.
Stress Management–Group or individual lectures providing mind techniques to help in dealing with anxiety.
Stretching–Breathing and stretching different positions of the body to lengthen the muscles and increase flexibility.
Tai Chi or Chi Gong or Nie Gong–Chinese martial art form combining mental concentration, slow breathing and dance movements giving strength and balance keeping centered via the pelvic chakras.
Yoga–Exercise from the East using a series of positions or asanas and controlled breathing to stretch and tone the body keeping it agile and limber. Includes Power Yoga/Ashtanga Yoga and is also a philosophical discipline.

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