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Dear Spa Lover:

     Being in THE PRESENT is the one gift that we can all give ourselves...

     We are constantly being reminded to be in the NOW and take time for ourselves. It is time to remember the essence of SPA. Nutrition, Exercise, Pampering and Body, Mind Connection.

     Learning how to manage time so that we have enough to take care of others as well as ourselves is a gift. Often, we get into a frenzy and need to take the time to breathe and relax. Understanding that nothing is written in stone and corrections can always be made, this is the true knowledge that we obtain on this Path of Life.

     Our paths should follow a Passion. My passion is Cambodian Community Dream Organization or CCDO. It has blossomed and spread like wildfire, inspiring youths to help others. Together we have now built over 1300 Water Wells in the Siem Reap Province. We support 3 schools with permanent English Teachers and school supplies as well give scholarships to 250 children. We currently sponsor 23 high school students. We have 14 students at University. We have built 400 Latrines and brought dignity and a healthy environment to the 30 villages of Ampil, Balang & Angkor Thom Communes in Siem Reap province. We are making a difference on 32,000 people's lives.

     Please visit us on line at where donations can be made through PayPal.

     Remember, "Good friends are like stars... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there."

     I wish you a soaring journey through the Inspiration of Life.

Jenni Lipa
President, Spa Trek Travel

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